UPDATE – New Look On Norwood

This renovation required that new woodwork be seamed in to existing woodwork. We had to add additional ceiling beam details to match the existing detail when the floor plan was opened up. Additional flooring needed to be added and door casings are being built to match the existing throughout the house.

UPDATE – New Look On Norwood

This project is moving along. New windows have been installed and the carpenters are working to install trim and stair spindles and railings.                  

UPDATE – Hone In On Hoyne

All the rough mechanicals have been installed. One very interesting part of this renovation is that the finished 2 story home will have no soffits. In order to achieve this, all the all ducts, pipes and conduit installed by the mechanical subcontractors (plumber, electrical and HVAC) had to be strategically coordinated to fit the limited area of the walls. This picture demonstrates how organized these trades had to be.

Outdoor Spaces

While planning home additions our clients have a new opportunity to access their back yards for entertaining or relaxation. Additional rear windows also allow natural light to the back of a home.

Condo With A View

Pryor has begun renovating a 1 bedroom condominium overlooking the Chicago river. All existing finishes have been removed creating a blank slate for the new design. Our crew took special care to leave all common areas spotless.

UPDATE – Hone In On Hoyne

The framing and masonry work is now complete on the rear two story addition. These images show how 1910 and 2017 are merged together to create a beautiful combination of old with new.                  

Reno on Bueno

Pryor has completed the demo of a single family home exposing the existing framing and electrical. During renovation, we found original framing mixed in with past renovations and the evidence of a later addition to the home. Because the original walls were plaster we see that the electrical wiring is a mix of Romex and BX which will all need replaced during the renovation in order to bring this property up to building code requirements.

Bathroom Renovations

We are completing the gut renovation of a hall bathroom. Details include a textured white subway throughout shower and bathroom walls. A black pencil tile detail is used as an accent. The custom countertop is cut to fit right along the pencil tile to finish the look.    

UPDATE – Hone In On Hoyne

Unique Trends in Lighting Fixtures

Below are three examples of lighting trends Pryor is installing for their clients.  These trends are oversized lighting fixtures, Edison bulb minimalist fixtures and exterior post lighting.