Happenings On Hermitage

The excavation is complete and the concrete foundations have been poured awaiting inspection.

Makeover On Mozart

The finish work being completed on the kitchen on Mozart.

Wrappings on Wrightwood

Rough inspections are now complete and the new addition has now been insulated. Drywall will begin to be installed.

Wrappings on Wrightwood

Pryor Construction is building a second story addition on a 1930's bungalow. The new space has been framed, roofed and the new windows have been installed.

Happenings on Hermitage

Demolition is complete and excavation has begun on the rear of the home making way for the new addition.

Happenings on Hermitage

The new water service is being installed. The street opening and trenches have been dug ready for new pipe.

Conversions On Campbell

These are in progress pictures of one unit in this multi- unit renovation. The drywall, doors, trim, flooring and tile are being installed.  

Launch on Larrabee

Our clients were looking to minimize the visual partitions in the small floor plan. We installed a piece of strong tempered glass with brushed chrome hangers.

A Change on Charleston

Move in day is coming and final details are being installed.

Hone In On Hoyne

Sharing some images from before move in day. Light fixtures are being installed and painting is finishing up.