Antique Trim – A needle in a haystack

We needed to increase the length of a structural wall. The existing trim in the house was turn of the century custom and this became an issue when we needed an additional twenty feet to match. A small amount of linear feet is incredibly expensive for a trim company set up to replicate. Sometimes we are lucky enough to be able to pull from the backs of a closets. If this is not an option, we have found the Rebuilding Exchange on Webster Avenue in Chicago could be good resource for odd hard to find trim. After hunting through the stacks of salvaged trim we may be lucky to find something very similar. [av_gallery ids='1338,1337,1335,1336,1334' style='thumbnails' preview_size='portfolio' crop_big_preview_thumbnail='avia-gallery-big-crop-thumb' thumb_size='portfolio' columns='5' imagelink='lightbox' lazyload='avia_lazyload' custom_class='' av_uid='av-2oce51']

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