UPDATE: New Look On Norwood

The exterior of this home has gotten update. We have just finished installing new siding and trim to complement the existing yellow brick. This new color makes a bold and clean statement.

Pryor Construction Process

An important part of our process that we have found valuable is the weekly site meeting. One meeting a week allows for us to meet with homeowners and usually the architect to discuss current progress and upcoming decisions needed. This also allow us to communicate changes and new details to our staff consistently. Without this time homeowners tend to get lost in the process and projects stall needlessly.

Hone In On Hoyne: Historic Preservation

During this large project that included a full gut of the existing interior and building a rear addition special care has been given to protect the original glass windows on the front of the home. These windows allow this home to retain its original character inside and from the street while also having an updated floor plan that works for a modern family.

Hone In On Hoyne: Appliances

We are close to the finish line when the appliance package is delivered. Appliance packages are decided farther in advance than most people realize. The power requirements and sizes of special appliances are needed by the mechanical subcontractors before drywall is installed. The list of these items are also confirmed with the cabinet builder before he begins – sometimes six to eight weeks in advance.

Hone In On Hoyne: Tile

The tile choices have been made for all the bathrooms, floors and kitchen. They are now on site and are being installed. We are working to make sure that bold patterns are thoughtfully arranged.

UPDATE: Hone In On Hoyne

The white oak floors have been installed and a stain color has been chosen. These pictures demonstrate how the same color floors look dramatically in differentnatural light.

UPDATE: Hone In On Hoyne

White oak flooring has been chosen for this project. The wood has been on site to acclimate and installation as begun. The color of white oak allows for a lighter stain colors. Stain on red oak will always be effected by the natural red undertone of the wood.

Keeping Character : Reproducing Crown Molding

One project we are working on requires the reproduction of plaster crown molding that was originally formed on site by an artisan over one hundred years ago. These artisans are now hard to find and the expense of creating plaster crown molding on site is very cost prohibitive. We have carefully traced a piece of the original molding and we are going recreate the profile using  four individual custom wood pieces. When installed this will have the same dramatic appearance of the original large plaster molding.  

Office On Montrose

We have updated our windows on Montrose Street. Renovation is a journey that requires a significant amount of thought, passion and energy. Our goal is in capturing your vision from inception through completion. Integrating experienced design, perceptive guidance, and observant quality, we’re able to provide a superior value and improved way of living. We are a discerning construction company that provides a comprehensive approach tailored to your specific project needs. With this truly organic process and skilled resources, the seamless transition from old to new is achievable. We are committed to being a trusted partner in this pursuit, delivering peace of mind and infinite possibilities to your home.  Contact our Office at 773-334-1800.  

UPDATE – New Look On Norwood

We are at a very important stage in this renovation. Choosing the floor stain color can be challenging we combine older flooring with new flooring.  We recommend that the homeowners choose a stain slightly darker than the existing. This will hide the age difference in the flooring and help blend the grain style from each floor plank. Our clients have decided to go with a darker richer color. We have sanded and prepared samples throughout the house to see the color in different lighting conditions. We have also placed trim colors and cabinet door samples next to the samples to show the contract in colors.