Happenings On Hermitage

Things are finishing up on the second floor. Wall and trim painting are complete and light fixtures are being installed. After the floor protection has been removed, the finished look is revealed.    

Happenings On Hermitage

The last of the plumbing fixtures are being installed in the second floor bathrooms and laundry room along with shower glass and lighting fixture choices.

Construction Access in The City November

One very important part of construction planning in the city is how to access to the job site. Materials and equipment must be able get into very tight spaces. Many interior staircases were built a century ago very narrow and with many turns. We many times have to build temporary stairs or hand dig jobs to get things done properly.  

Happenings On Hermitage

Framing is underway!

Modern Tub and Shower Installation – Ravenswood

We are installing an interesting architect designed tub and shower that embraces the typical Chicago roof pitches. Penny round tiles on walls, floor and ceiling, a niche and a custom window pull the look together.